Frequently Asked Questions
Will construction in the area affect the Fourth of July Celebration?
While construction will not directly affect activities in Hagan Park, it will have big impacts on parking and entry to the park. Nearly all pedestrian traffic at the Fourth of July will be routed through the front gate on Chase Drive due to construction occurring behind Cordova High School. Since conditions are changeable, please observe all signage and pack some patience. This summer's construction activities will be great for our students this fall, but may slow your exit after the fireworks on July 3 and 4. Our advice is: come early and stay late! There is plenty to do!

Are Barbeques Allowed? 
No personal barbeques are allowed inside the festival grounds. Additionally, due to the layout of the event most of the stationary barbeques inside the park are inaccessible during festival dates.​ You are welcome to pack a picnic. On both days there will be more than a dozen vendors serving up tasty food and drinks. 

Are dogs on leash allowed in the park?
No pets are allowed. Fireworks are scary for family pets. The Hagan Park Dog Park will be closed both days. So please, leave your pets where will be safe and happy - at home.

Are Personal Fireworks Allowed? 
For the safety of all attendees, personal fireworks, including sparklers, are strictly prohibited in Hagan Park. Please leave the fireworks to the professionals. The Rancho Cordova 4th of July boasts one of the most spectacular fireworks displays in northern California. So enjoy the show, but do not stage one of your own.

Can I get to the River or Bike Trail from inside the Festival Grounds?
No. There is no River or Bike Trail access from the festival grounds. Individuals wishing to go to the river or to get on the bike trail will need to follow the outer perimeter of the festival fencing from the Chase Drive park entrance (follow fencing that is parallel to the soccer and baseball field to get to the bike trail and river).

Can I pay for Parking and purchase Admission Wrist Bands with either my Credit Card or my ATM/ Debit Card? 
We only accept cash payment for parking and admission wristbands. 

Can I purchase Admission Wrist Bands and Carnival Wrist Bands in advance? 
Both admission wristbands and Carnival wristbands will be available for purchase at the Cordova Community Council offices (located inside Rancho Cordova City Hall) beginning in June. Carnival wristbands can be purchased only at Grocery Outlet on Zinfandel Drive and KP International Market on Olson Drive.

Is alcohol allowed in the Park?
Alcohol will only be permitted in the three Beer Gardens. No alcoholic beverages may be brought into the park. This is a park rule and on the 4th of July is enforceable along the American River as well. At the Beer Gardens, special permits have been granted. Like a family restaurant, children are allowed to join their parents at the table during the day. But after 6 pm, it's adults only. Bring your ID and be prepared to show it.

Is there bicycle parking?
Bicycle racks will be available at the Chase Drive admissions gates at Rancho Cordova Fourth of July. Please bring a lock and park at your own risk.

What Dates will Access to Hagan Park be limited?
Festival fencing begins being installed as early as June 26, however sections remain open at all paved entrance points until park closure on the evening of July 2. Access to the park will be limited to paid admission gates on July 3 & 4.

What time do the fireworks begin?
Fireworks are scheduled to begin at 9:45 each night.
Where is the Celebration?
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